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Daddy Andre speaks on failing to carry out an HIV test with Angella Katatumba

Angella Katatumba and Daddy Andre dating

In 2020, singer Angella Katatumba ended her relationship with Daddy Andre after he reportedly refused to take an HIV test.

She told the public about their saga when she took to her social media pages and shared about their love life and short-comings that saw their romance hit a dead end.

Daddy Andre, has, however, explained that he didn’t see the need to rush into an HIV test before reasoning that he wasn’t ready to engage in sexual intercourse with Katatumba.

He stated that he declined the test for his good, saying that if the results were negative, it would have driven him away from the goal and target he wanted.

Daddy Andre stated that he is free to take an HIV test at any time but will not be forced to do so by others.

“Why would you go for HIV/AIDs testing before you want to sleep with someone? My decline, was for my good because if I had agreed and the results turned out that negative, she would have driven me at a fast pace. Me refusing I was showing her that some things take time. Good thing I declined while with her and not the whole nation. All things you see people do in the media are acting and that is why we are still talking about her”, Daddy Andre

The singer, songwriter, and producer opened up about her past relationship with Angella Katatumba as he responded to the accusations while appearing on NBS TV.


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