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Merry Heart Comedy Outfit Survive Greasy Car Accident

Merry Heart Comedy Performing at an event

Rising Merry Heart Comedy outfit should at the moment be very thankful to God for having managed to escape a greasy and horrific vehicle accident earlier mid this week (Wednesday).

The group was involved in the scaring car crash after holding a successful comedy performance in Lira. While they were on their way back to Kampala, they got involved in a car a head-to-head car collusion that saw multiple cars vandalized.

The impact caused both cars to be severely damaged and overturned quite several times. Thankfully, the members of Merry Heart Comedy did not sustain any serious injuries as they managed to walk out of the accident alive and safe.

They, therefore, checked into a nearby health facility and were cross examined to find out whether they had gotten any internal damages and fortunately, they were reported to be safe and sound.

Grateful for their safety, Merry Heart Comedy seized the opportunity to share an important message with fellow Ugandans.

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They recognized the prevalence of a disturbing trend in society – the prioritization of capturing videos for personal use, rather than extending a helping hand in times of need.

This incident served as a stark reminder of the importance of unity and compassion. Merry Heart Comedy group is an online and onstage group that does situational comedy and mostly focus on performing skits that would transform audiences of different categories.

Their goal is to send out messages in a lighter and thrilling mood so that anyone watching the clip could be relieved of their work or home stress that they could be suffering from.