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(VIDEO) Jose Chameleone confirms he is single again

Jose Chameleone

Leone Island Music Empire boss Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has confirmed he is single after his baby mama Daniella Atim recently opened a can of worms as she spilled how she suffered domestic violence during their 16-years of marriage.

Daniella Atim wrote accusing Jose Chameleone of treating her in a very negative way saying if she stayed in that marriage, she would have been dead by now.

She cited domestic violence as the main reason for the end of her marriage and this attracted hundreds of comments from fellow celebrities and has over time been vocal about the Mayanja family mistreating their wives.

Last year, when Weasel allegedly beat up his wife, Sandra Teta, Daniella Atim advised her to quit the toxic relationship and stay safe.

Jose Chameleone has also come out and confirmed that he is single again during a performance at a certain hangout in Kampala as shown in the video clip below.

Daniella Atim who now resides in Minnesota, United States of America, where she has so far spent about five years, with her children, shared about the struggles she faces as a single mother and her quest for a safer, happier, and more fulfilling life.

“I moved to the US exactly five years ago and sought asylum from many things including domestic violence that I endured for 16 years,” she posted.

“I am a single mom raising my 5 kids on my own. Even though the age I am turning this year sounds too serious, I am choosing to relieve my early life while healing my nervous system. I am a beautiful work in progress Say no to domestic violence.”

Last year she disclosed that the primary reason for leaving Uganda and moving to the United States was to escape the cycle of domestic violence she faced at the hands of Chameleone.

Their marriage, once celebrated in the public eye, faced numerous challenges, exacerbated by Chameleone’s excessive alcohol consumption. Atim recounted how Chameleone’s drinking habits often led him to come home in the early hours of the morning, inebriated and incapable of caring for himself or their family.

Despite her pleas for him to change, especially for the sake of their children, her words fell on deaf ears, ultimately leading her to choose between her well-being and their tumultuous marriage.