Home News Why Bobi Wine and Tycoon Kirumira’s friendship hit a dead end

Why Bobi Wine and Tycoon Kirumira’s friendship hit a dead end

Bobi Wine greets Tycoon Kirumira

Have you ever wondered why National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine and city businessman Godfrey Kirumira, are no longer as close friends as they used to be back then?

The answer to that question puzzling your brains was disclosed on Friday at a wedding function when Bobi Wine stated that tycoon Kirumira ditched him the moment he started active politics and went on to oppose the ruling NRM government.

“Kirumira has always been my friend. It’s only recently when I started speaking the truth that he and most of my other friends left me. They’re now so scared of me”, remarked Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine uttered the statements while speaking at the wedding reception of Omutaka Henry Mutesasira Tendo Keeya and Shamim Namuli.

The lavish wedding was largely organized and funded by Kirumira.

In his brief remarks, Bobi Wine said people like Kirumira who used to hang with him back in the day, now do not want to be seen with him.

“They come to me in darkness whispering that they support my cause but cannot show it publicly,” he said.

You can avoid me but what I ask of you, is to go tell those people that I am a good person, I am well-behaved, a smart man, a patriot, and above all, I am brave. I don’t fear even the most ruthless murderer,” he added.

Kirumira in his speech acknowledged having been close to Bobi Wine years back, even helping plan his wedding in 2011.

I was heavily involved in the wedding of the NUP president; we used to spend sleepless nights planning,” Kirumira said.

“Today, I am thankful that he is blessed and a man of honor.”

Omutaka Mutesasira is the head of the Ngo Clan in Buganda Kingdom.

His wedding at St Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga was graced by key figures in Buganda Kingdom led by Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, officials from the central government, and the business community.