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Dr. T Amale Pelted Flying Objects At A Concert

Dr. T Amale

Comedian and media personality Kafeero Tobby, better known by the stage name Dr. T Amale, once again faced the wrath of revelers at a certain event when he was pelted with flying objects when he took to the stage to perform.

On stepping onto the stage, Dr. T Amale, who had turned out clad in a red overall outfit immediately started receiving flying bottles before he could make any statement.

He posed on the stage for a few moments hoping that the crowd would stop pelting him with objects but the longer he took while standing, the more the bottles flew in his direction.

Not until the emcee of the event decided to let Dr. T Amale off the stage and the objects stopped going up in the air. He left the stage majestically and went backstage and a few moments later, he left the venue.

He has yet to make any statement concerning the issue of being pelted with bottles but we are certain that he will take to his Facebook page and record something related to being hit by bottles.

It has been quite a long since renowned personalities were pelted with flying objects as the act was last seen during the 2023 Enkuuka event that went down at Lubiri Mengo when Western artists including Ray G were hit with bottles.

The act of hitting celebrities with bottles has often been highly condemned but the fans have yet to cease from doing it.

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