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King Saha clashes with backstage band during live performance

King Saha at a show

King Saha, a singer from Kings Love Empire, had a disagreement with the backstage band during a live performance at Climax bar on Tuesday night.

The singer felt that the band was not performing to his expectations and asked them to stop playing their instruments. The band then left the stage and Saha asked the DJ to play his music from the laptop.

Before he asked the DJ to continue the night playing his music on a disc, he noted how he didn’t want to go into an outburst with the band as he noted that the individuals who were on the set were his colleagues and brother. 

The incident suggests that the two parties had not practiced together before the show which probably led to the misunderstandings. 

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Singer King Saha, born Mansoor Ssemanda, is one of the established singers, songwriters, and creative stars that the country is blessed with. He has helped a couple of artists by offering them collaborations and sole projects to artists including Sheebah, Spice Diana, and Carol Nantongo plus others. 

Recently, while speaking in an interview, Saha shared how he has an interest in the Prime Minister’s office saying if he were appointed to that position, he would allocate the government resources to their rightful use. 

He made the remarks while highlighting the challenges that people have faced with the appointment of wrong leaders in government offices. He stressed how the Prime Minister, Hon. Robinah Nabbanja made a tour of the Nakawuka road and promised to fix it but it is now two years since she made the promise and nothing has been implemented yet. 

He also called out the local leaders who they voted for during the 2021 general election by saying they have not helped them in any way at all since they acquired their respective offices. 

He has churned out several hit songs including; “Zaakayo”, “Gundeeze”, “Biri Biri”, “On My Way”, “Ebiseera Ebyo”, “Ssala Puleesa”, and “Mwana Gwe”.