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I Will Quit Music To Join Politics – Mudra Reveals

Mudra D'Viral

DCM Empire dancehall singer and boss Alfa Ssebunya, known by the stage name Mudra D’Viral, has hinted at the possibility of joining politics when he gets done with doing music as the other goal he aims to achieve in life.

He looks forward to serving the people of his community where he intends to contest for a government office in a general election adding that he is here to work and has no room for jokes.

Mudra is one of the artists who openly expresses his views whenever he gets the chance to do so and he does not usually seem intimidated by any external factors as long as he sets sights on what he wants to get in life.

He yet again maintained that when he is gone, he doesn’t want his music to be played on any media outlet something that he has so far said more than thrice.

“I don’t want my music to be played once I’m gone. I came to work, and I’ll quit music to join politics and represent my people”, Mudra.

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Mudra rose to fame the moment he stopped writing and selling music for other artists and decided to own it since then, he has never looked back and his trajectory is only going high and high.

He has since supported rising artists including Ava Peace who defected his camp having invested a lot of his time to see her career rise and defected to manager Jeff Kiwa’s managed Team No Sleep (TNS) camp.

Since Ava Peace departed his camp, he got a replacement for TikTok influencer and dancer Winnie Wa Mummy whom he is eager to see her talent shine through the music industry.

He has often moved along with her while conducting media interviews and shows to show her to music fans and has urged the public to show her love and support in a way to gain fame and favor.