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Grenade Official Opens Up About His Rehabilitation Experience

Grenade Official

Singer Deus Ndugwa alias Grenade Official has opened up about his rehabilitation experience over the past months.

While speaking to the media, he explained that he was mad and he could hardly remember what was happening.

He hardly remembers how he was feeling and spending his day for the first weeks in the rehabilitation center.

Grenade Official was rehabilitated by the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) led by Eddy Kenzo. The last time he was in the media, was when he was beaten thoroughly at a certain concert.

Fans have been wondering where he disappeared to. According to the singer, life wasn’t moving on as well as he expected. He was struggling with alcohol and some other bad drugs leading to his setbacks all the time.

As a friend, Kenzo saw he was struggling and the only solution was to take him to get help which was a rehabilitation center.

“I know my fans missed me and I also missed them so much. I have been trying to put my life together by getting help. And I have been in a rehabilitation centre and I can confirm that I am now doing so well. At first, I was mad I can’t remember anything,” he said.

It should be noted that many other artists are still struggling with drugs. Some of these have lost it and disappeared from the scene.

Others have been in and out of rehab for years. Have have sadly passed away due to addiction-related problems.

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