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Ashburg Kato begs Hon. Balaam Barugahara Financial Assistance

Ashburg Katto

Struggling blogger Ashburg Katto has pleaded with the State Minister For Youth and Children Affairs, Hon. Balaam Barugahara Atenyi to help him achieve his dreams.

It should be noted that Ashburg was among one time the top bloggers in the country before he defected from singer-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu á.k.a Bobi Wine’s camp to join NRM as the country headed toward the 2021 general elections, a thing that contributed to his steady-fast downfall.

Speaking to a local TV station, he revealed that he relocated to the village of Kakiri. According to the now-retired blogger, he used the money he got from the NRM to buy 17 acres of land.

He has a lot of plans and ideas he is looking forward to executing on the 17 acres of land that he owns. The ideas he has in his mind include modernizing the land and setting up many things such as farms. He indicated that he has an MK model farm where he plants several things such as tomatoes, and other vegetables.

He also has another spot known as ‘Ichuli ku Mbuzi.’ This is full of bamboo sticks and was named after the late blogger, Jajja Ichuli.

Some of the other spots he has include Fangone Forest after Alien Skin’s label and Spice Lane named after Spice Diana and former Uganda Cranes goalkeeper, Denis Onyango.

According to Ashburg, he wants to build things such as artificial turfs for football, tennis, and volleyball among other sports. By his plans, he believes that countries coming for the 2027 AFCON will be renting his place for training and he will make lots of money.

Additionally, the blogger said that he doesn’t know why the government doesn’t use him as an example. This is because he was given money and has used it to develop himself.

This, therefore, should inspire others that if a blogger who used to insult people on the internet prospered with the government’s hand, others too can.

Furthermore, Ashburg Katto also said smokes marijuana. And all the time he spoke, he seemed as though he was high. He then appealed to Balaam to help him to realize his dream of farming.

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