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VJ Junior Praises Alien Skin’s behavior around people

Marrysmarts Matovu

Renowned movie translator Marysmarts Matovu Junior alias VJ Junior is full of praise for Fangone Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin’s behavior around people.

He stated that Alien Skin is one of the best-behaved artists among the rising stars in the Ugandan music industry. He added that he has never seen a laid-back artist like Alien Skin who respects everyone at every show.

He made the statement after Alien Skin was accused of assaulting a radio presenter and Mcee Evelyn Masika alias Evelyn M!C at a recent show that was held at was organized by Galaxy FM where she works as a radio host.

Evelyn M!C even reported an assault case to the police but Alien Skin has yet to be arrested. Evelyn moved to the extent of urging NGOs to give her a hand so that she may get justice for the violence she encountered from Alien Skin and the crew.

Alien Skin is one of the artists who has been associated with violence in his career. It all started with the slap from Pallaso which made him famous. Before the slap, he was accused of beating up some bouncers at a nightclub with some of the boys (friends ) who move alongside him.

According to VJ Junior, there is no proof that Alien Skin has ever slapped or beaten anyone. He said if there was proof, he would have been arrested by now. VJ revealed that Alien Skin respects people and he is always at his booked concerts on time. He doesn’t waste time, he sings and later leaves the venue in peace.

“It is very rare to find a Ugandan artist especially those that have just gained fame behaving so well. Alien Skin is one of a kind and he is one of the most well-behaved. I like the way he carries himself around people all the time. Very respectful and I hope other artists learn from him,”

It should be noted that Alien Skin had said he was going to retire from music end of last year 2023 but he didn’t.

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