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Here Is Why Nobat Events Wants TikTok Banned In Uganda


Events organizer Norbert Twizire, publicly known as Nobat Events, is unhappy with the existence of the Chinese online streaming platform, the TikTok App.

He wants the TikTok App to be banned from Uganda by the authorities who run the country.

Based on his reasoning, explains that ever since the streaming app came into existence, TV viewership and radio listenership greatly declined as compared to the past years.

Despite TikTok having positives it came with, Nobat Events believes that the damages overweigh the positives.

In his narration, Nobat noted that most people don’t understand why singer Alien Skin is trending this much from the day he was involved in a scuffle with Pallaso and held a quick concert that sold out within just four days.

He adds that his concert was greatly influenced by the TikTokers and Abtex was just used as the front-liner of the show stressing that he had little effort about making it a success following the fact that it was organized in just a period of four days.

For that matter, he has called upon Next Media Services boss Mr. Kin Karisa to join him in the fight to have TikTok banned in Uganda.

In the past two years, Tik Tok has led to the rise of many artists within the country who would have probably not got the chance to make a breakthrough into the limelight if TikTok was not into existence.

Based on Nobat Events’ suggestion, do you think he has a point to have TikTok banned?


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