Home Entertainment DJ Mutesa Pro’s rise to fame: From watchman to prominent disc joker

DJ Mutesa Pro’s rise to fame: From watchman to prominent disc joker

DJ Mutesa Pro

DJ MutesaPro, a renowned disc joker in the Ugandan music industry, has opened up about his journey to success.

While sharing his story in an interview on Sanyuka TV’s Bigenda Bitya show hosted by Anna Talia Oze, he said he started his career as a watchman at Radio Equator, where he would mix music during his off days or at night because of his passion for it.

“I used to be an askari at Equator Radio, so at night, I would start mixing music when people were asleep”, DJ Mutesa Pro

Following the success of what he used to do late in the night when people were always asleep, he earned himself a position and somehow forged a way and joined Masaka”s biggest radio station – Buddu FM. 

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On joining Buddu FM, DJ Mutesa Pro became a fan favorite and would mix music to their pleasure thus slowly but surely making a statement on the airwaves of Buddu FM. 

He later got hired by Next Media Service’s Sanyuka TV, where he has been working for about two years now. His unique style of music mixing, known as “Ekipumpuni,” has captured the attention of many Ugandans and artists, making him a popular figure in the industry.

He also recalled a time when he went for an interview and met DJ Shiru but they both failed to pass since none of them was appointed for the position. 

“I was passionate about being a DJ. One day, I woke up and asked for a job. I went for the interview and I found DJ Shiru, but we both failed”, he added.-


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