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Winnie Wa Mummy’s TikTok account banned

Winnie Wa Mummy

Recently, DCM Empire dancehall singer, songwriter, and producer Alfa Ssebunya alias Mudra D’Viral disclosed how his new signee Nakafeero Winnie a.k.a Winnie Wa Mummy was battling TikTok bans on her account.

The pair had hopes that they would come off the battle successfully in the meantime.

However, the reports coming in reveal that the TikToker and influencer’s channel that commands a following of about 1.1m got suspended/banned.

Getting her TikTok account banned she toiled to accumulate a huge following has left Winnie Wa Mummy feeling miserable since we know it is not easy to amass such a big following on any social media platform.

With her channel banned, Winnie Wa Mummy might have to start a new account and mitigate ways of how she could yet again achieve such a huge following.

The bad mind individuals behind the banning of her channel have not yet been established but as far as we know it is not easy to build a social media account very fast, we feel sorry for the efforts and time she invested going to waste at the time she should be earning from it.

Winnie Wa Mummy started facing harshness on her TikTok channel from the moment she got assistance and was signed by Mudra D’Viral as his artist since Ava Peace departed from his crew.

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The two are now working hand-in-hand and when God favors, before the year ends, Winnie Wa Mummy will be somewhere at a different level than where she has been in the past months.

She is one of those youths who hail from the ghetto and humble background who looks to make a fortune and change the status quo of her family, especially her mother since it has been always a struggle to afford a better living.