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King Saha advises DJ Roja to start a family by impregnating three women in the same year

DJ Roja

Recently, Kings Love Empire singer and songwriter King Saha, legally known as Mansoor Ssemanda had a lengthy conversation with the NBS TV After5 crew at his home in Nakawuka, Entebbe.

The jazz was very lively as he also treated them to a goat meat feast on the evening that they enjoyed to the fullest.

Deep down the interview, they tackled quite different issues concerning the music industry, the current ongoing population census, and the political space in the country.

While discussing the ongoing population census, King Saha revealed how the census employees had not yet reached his home. In the process, he stung the government for having failed to even plan well for the 40 million estimated people in the country.

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He went on to stress that by the time they would reach his home, they could find that he is plus more people. Somehow, the conversation shifted and turned out to be personal issues.

Someone then hinted at how they were all blessed with children except DJ Roja. King Saha was quick to reveal that Roja is very late if he is yet to have children. He then advised him to impregnate three women in the same year.

“If DJ Roja you don’t have children yet, you’re very late or you just forget about having children. Either the advice I can give you is to impregnate three ladies at the same time and have three children. Do you know why you’re very late? We want to assign you with other duties aimed at running the nation”, King Saha. 


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