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Christine ‘Spiky’ Malvasio Drops New Dance Single ‘AssMazing’ Ft. Honorebel & Third World Don

Christine ‘Spiky’ Malvasio Drops New Dance Single ‘AssMazing’ Ft. Honorebel & Third World Don
Christine ‘Spiky’ Malvasio Drops New Dance Single ‘AssMazing’ Ft. Honorebel & Third World Don

BMI Writer-of-the-Year Award Winner and Music Manager – Christine ‘Spiky’ Malvasio – Drops Banging New Dance Single ‘AssMazing’, Featuring Vocal Talents of Billboard-Charting International Recording Artists: Honorebel and US-based rapper, Third World Don.

Artist, social media sensation, and blonde bombshell Spiky announced the release of her first music single, “amazing,” with Spiky Records. After spending years managing and helping to launch the careers of other sensational musical talents – including writing lyrics for August Alsina’s 2014 Billboard hit “I Luv This Shit” – Spiky decided to step into the studio herself and spin a dance hit. “AssMazing” is a pulsing, pounding celebration of beauty, sex appeal, and female power.

The song blends Spiky’s formidable songwriting skills and voice with the incomparable hip-hop vocal and mixing talents of Third World Don. The song also includes the legendary voice of singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, and Phantom Music Group CEO, Honorebel. Honorebel has sold over 2 million records with Pitbull, and has over 75 million views on YouTube. He also has a new release scheduled in fall with African superstar Goya Menor and Joe EL featuring Snoop Dogg. The name of the song is titled “Can’t Let Go”.

Christine ‘Spiky’ Malvasio
Christine ‘Spiky’ Malvasio
Fire; Lights not fading; Feeling AssMazing
“I’m so excited to showcase this new adventure, taking me into full artist mode,” said Spiky. “I started in the music business in 2012 managing music producer, Samuel Irving, a.k.a. Knuckle Head. In 2013, we reached gold for August Alsina’s single, and in 2014, that single reached platinum status, later climbing to double platinum in 2021. So, for sure, I’ve been there behind the scenes supporting other artists’ careers. But to receive the love and support from my peers for my own work is not only amazing but a huge blessing. And working with music artists like Honorebel and Third World Don – well, that was just AssMazing.”
So professionally; Let’s ride; I want it fast and furious; Non-Stop

“This is a tough business, but nothing in life that’s worth achieving goes without struggles. Me and my team have run up against many roadblocks over the past 10 years. But the key is to treat them as checkpoints within your process, rather than end stops. You’re forced to reevaluate your goals sometimes, redirecting the process to keep things moving in a positive direction – without delaying the outcome or timeline. I use this mindset in achieving all of my personal goals in life.”

Christine ‘Spiky’ Malvasio with Honorebel
Christine ‘Spiky’ Malvasio with Honorebel

I’m curious baby, come on; Lights not fading; Notorious maybe

“I adore my life, and I love living in Ft. Lauderdale. I was born and raised in Rochester, New York

– a very conservative city. And yes, I’m sure there are those following me on social media who are shocked by my brand. But lucky for me, I never worried about what others think. I have always continued moving forward using the positive energy that has driven my life into the success it is today. And I love letting my fans get to know the real me. I want that pure boldness and authenticity and courage for them too. Be AssMazing and free!”

LiC a glass and toast to Miss World; ‘Cause no girl come close to this girl

“I’m developing a whole AssMazing™ brand here – complete with a clothing line from an amazing Italian designer: Nico Didonna. But right now, together with Grammy-winning producer JonFX and platinum award-winning songwriter, Azriel Reckley a.k.a. PHE, we’re breaking out with this smash-hit of a song. Along with some killer remixes. This is a very exciting time in my career.”

Third World Don
Third World Don

The song is available now via Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Keep an eye out for the music video that will be releasing soon!

Listen to it here: AssMazing

And for the latest live and virtual appearances by Spiky, along with news, updates, and future projects, follow her on social media: Facebook, Instagram.

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