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Maritza Opens Up About Exploitation At XFM and Next Radio


Renowned radio presenter Maritza, known as Mama Kampala, has opened up about the exploitation that she faced during her tenure at Vision Groups XFM and Next Radio.

For starters, Maritza started her radio presenting career at XFM where she served for five years.

Obviously, when one is starting, the pay is not always good due to lack of experience and some other conditions.

However, at least some bosses increase the worker’s salaries when they do good with the time spend there.

In this scenario, that wasn’t the case, for Maritza, as she kept working for the little money not until she got the opportunity to work at KFM.

At KFM, she was given some good money but after three years of good work, the next radio showed up giving her a better yummy offer that she couldn’t decline.

When she got there, the offer was taken off the table something that disappointed her to the extent of giving up. She said she talked to the bosses but they had nothing to do for her apart from letting her go to search for more opportunities.

“My first job was at XFM, worked 5 years under a lot of disrespect and disregard I might add but never the less did the most with the opportunity. Was I supposed to stay on 800K hosting a morning show while my co-host made double that, I think the hell not. 

KFM to the rescue! Amazing 3 years of great work‼ Of course, it’s employment that will never be roses & peaches so literally a month to the end of my 3-year contract I get a promising offer that they chose not to match. Another offer they couldn’t match was on the table.

On to the NEXT and the real offer I moved for was RUDelY taken off the table and all I had to sit with was double my previous salary and a product that for the life of me I did my best with but in vain. There’s nothing I’m saying here that my previous boss hasn’t heard,” Maritza tweeted