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Producer Axon Explains The Making of Joshua Baraka’s hit Jam “Nana”

Joshua Baraka performing at an event

Singer Joshua Baraka’s producer, Axon, opened up about the process through which they managed to come up with the singer’s breakthrough song titled “Nana” which changed his life for the better.

Speaking to the media, he explained that the process took quite some time since the creative process was long.

Producer Axon narrated that they started by drawing back to Sean Paul and Shaggy’s beats to pick ideas and create something unique and later added some Afro-element beats to record a dancehall bass which are unique.

“It starts with drums. Those like the hard dancehall drums. So we are taking it back to times of acts like Sean Paul and Shaggy if you listen to the drums carefully. We are trying like to pick up ideas from all those riddims like that. After doing those drums, that is now the dancehall side done. we embarked on doing the dancehall bass. But then, we didn’t play it like that. We wanted something different like someone can get a vibe and dance to it. so we made our own dancehall bass. Moving forward, we wanted an Afro element to be in the mix too and that is when Joshua Baraka played the guitar. He recorded the first verse and we just left the project like that”, he stated.

Producer Axon added; “So, toward the end of the year, I received a call from Joshua and he was telling me, bro, I am going to release that “Nana” song. He was I am going to release that “Nana” song it is going to change my life but I didn’t think he would like the song. He was like am coming to the studio next week, we do the second verse and I release it at the start of the year in January. He came over and did the second verse. That break part was the idea of DJ Ssese who told us to do the “More More” twice but we did it four times and I believe it is one of the unique things in the song”.

In the coming few days, Joshua Baraka will be holding a live show dubbed “Into the B’raka Land”  on 9th May at The Villa inBukoto