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Singer John Blaq shares heated studio battle with music producer

John Blaq speaking in a radio interview

Singer John Blaq, legally known as John Kasadha, opened up about a time when he got upset after a music producer made insulting statements toward him that suggested he couldn’t sing well and got chased out of the studio.

Before being suspended from using the studio, when he was told that he couldn’t sing well, he physically attacked the music producer and got into a physical heated altercation and the situation was only saved by their colleagues who were present at the time.

The “Do Dat” singer made the revelation about his altercation with a music producer as he responded to a question where he was asked to share an experience when he lost his cool after someone made comments that he failed to digest and demeaning to him.

“I remember a time when a music producer told me that I couldn’t sing well. I got upset and held him by his collars and we almost exchanged punches but we were separated very fast”, John Blaq 

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Following the demeaning comments from the music producer, John Blaq went on to become one of the hottest artists in Uganda, releasing top-charting hits and establishing himself as a solid name in the entertainment showbiz.

Since then John Blaq has never looked back and his life changed for the better and the people around him. He also landed collaborations with different musicians including Vinka, Daddy Andre, Prince Omar, and Sheebah Karungi among many others.

John Blaq dominated the airwaves between 2018 and 2020 since every music project he always jumped on turned out to be a hit song that helped him become one of the established artists in Uganda.