Home News Malaika Tenshi Nnyanzi ends successful five-year run on Capital FM

Malaika Tenshi Nnyanzi ends successful five-year run on Capital FM

Malaika Nnyanzi and Oulanyah during their work time

Media personality Malaika Tenshi Nnyanzi has announced her departure from the Cooper Road Kisementi-based radio station Capital FM after five years.

She joined the station on 6th May 2019 and was assigned the role of a co-host to the Afternoon Drive show that airs between 3 pm to 7 pm every Monday to Friday to partner with veteran radio personality James Okoth alias Oulanyah Columbas.

Malaika Nnyanzi cleverly discussed her departure, stating that she felt it was time to explore other ventures as she addressed how people should always embrace change in their lives. She expressed her gratitude to her fans and listeners.

“Hey, my awesome Afternoon Besties, Can you believe that it has been 5 years already? Since 6th May 2019. 5 amazing, wonderful, fulfilling years of being on the @capitalfmuganda #MalaikaAndOulanyah. Entertaining you and getting to be a part of your afternoon every Mon – Fri 3pm – 7pm. Thank you so much for loving me and raising me. Thank you for allowing me to be your Afternoon bestie. So, with teary eyes and a heart full of joy and love that you filled. I say byeeeeeeeee (you know how I say it on the radio show). I will miss you so much. Today, 26th April 2024, will be my last show @capitalfmuganda on #MalaikaAndOulanyah. But you know me,…. I will always find a way to be either on your screen or radio,” her post fully read.

We wish her all the best in the next ventures that she is set to pursue.

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