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Tina Features GZ Music & Henry Hagos Join Forces On “Hossana”

Hossan singer Tina looking filled with the holy sprit
Hossan singer Tina

A trio of gospel artists including Tina, GZ Music, and Henry Hagos joined forces and worked on a music project dubbed “Hossana”.

The song is a worship jam on which the trio praises and gives thanks back to the Most High for his mercies and grace that He has bestowed upon their lives.

They recorded the “Hossana” song reasoning God can do everything that no man can do by himself however much he tries to do them on his own.

Speaking to this website, the trio disclosed that the truck was inspired by the Holy Spirit who filled their hearts with deep words of worship. GZ Music is said to have initiated the idea of working on the project that went down so smoothly during the recording session song.

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“Worshipping God, because God can do everything but He can’t Himself. We were inspired by the Holy Spirit, who filled our hearts with words of worship. We are all good friends but basically, GZ Music initiated the idea of this song”. 

Having released “Hossana” the trio plans to keep on producing more such kinds of songs that inspire and uplift people’s souls to worship the Lord in every situation that they go through in their daily lives.

They look to becoming a renowned gospel click worldwide and aim at making gospel tours in different nations and cities preaching the awesomeness of the Almighty God.

The trio have over time been doing music but not as a trio and this is a great opportunity for them to start working hand in hand as one.

Watch the music video in the link below;