Home Music News Christo Sam Praises His Wife For Being Blessed On “Bisima”

Christo Sam Praises His Wife For Being Blessed On “Bisima”

Christo Sam with a new one dubbed Bisima
Christo Sam with a new one dubbed Bisima

Rising musician Christo Sam has bounced back with a brand new jam dubbed “Bisima” on which he praises his lover for being highly blessed.

Listening to the truck, he belts out how ever since his lover came into his life everything changed for the better. He notes how he rose from grass to grace to the extent that whatever he touches turns into gold since the love of his life came with blessings and favor in his life.

Christo Sam goes on to disclose that the blessings he got from his wife have seen him progress to high ranks in all his activities and at the workplace in an immense manner to which he gives the glory and honor back to God.

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While watching the video, displays the two lovers how they started small and have now expanded thus moving from a mud-built house to one that is well-built with bricks and well-tiled. Not only did they stop at that, but went ahead and held a highly colorful holy matrimonail ceremony cementing their relationship in one of the most desired way by everyone.

The song is uplifting and inspiring that when one gets a partner life can transform in a miraculous and amazing way that is awe-inspiring for other couples to learn from.

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