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Vloggers apologize to Dictator Amir for defamatory statements

Chosen Becky and Dictator Amir

Vloggers Janie Ellery Namukasa and Mozey of the Megatron YouTube channel have apologized to Dictator Amir for making defamatory statements about his family, including his parents after he threatened to take legal action against them.

The Vlogger’s apologies came through following a video they recorded on their channel in which they claimed that they had been tipped by someone (an unidentified woman) claiming she had a two-month-old baby belonging to singer Chosen Becky’s baby daddy, Dictator Amir. 

Dictator Amir then took to his Facebook page, denied the rumors of having a child outside his relationship with Chosen Becky, and threatened to sue the Vloggers for defamation.

He maintained that he only has three children whom his wife knows very well and added how he fully meets his obligations as a father in his home whereby he pays rent, feeds his family, and also takes good care of his relatives. 

He further expressed how the statements that the Vloggers as mentioned above made hurt his family, especially his parents-in-laws asserting that they caused emotional distress and harassed them in a verbal way that was not called for. 

They have since apologized and asked for forgiveness from Dicatator Amir who had vowed to face them in the courts of law for making false and untrue statements about his relationship.

He has yet to respond to their apology that they recorded as they sought forgiveness from him. However, when he responds, we shall keep you posted on the new developments that will be raised.