Home Gossip Akothee denies dating married mzungu video vixen

Akothee denies dating married mzungu video vixen


Self-declared president of single mothers Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has silenced trolls linking her to dating a married mzungu video vixen who featured in one of her videos.

Akothee silenced the trolls when she shared an image of herself in a wedding gown with the mzungu man that he was being linked to.

She went on to add that she is as honest as an Angel who can’t go on dating her video vixens.

The Yuko Moyoni’ hit maker noted that she is more disciplined than most married women, clarifying that the man in question (the video vixen) is a professional actor in South Africa who is happily married and only featured in the video of the ‘Yuko Moyoni’ hit song.

“This gentleman is an Actor in South Africa, he was just but a vixen in my music video YUKO MOYONI. He is happily married with kids.” Akothee explained.

“I am 40 with 5 men calculate how disciplined I am. Again, I don’t cheat in my relationship. I date one man at a time. People’s husbands are a bitter pill to me. I love my man alone” she added.

In her terse response, the diva added that she is representing what is happening in society right now off cameras, only that she is a public figure hence the scrutiny on her life.

“I am a public figure, but trust me, I represent 120% of what is happening in society right now off cameras. I am better off than women cheating in toxic relationships.

“I just don’t settle for buls**t. My rules, if it’s not making sense for us, we call it quits. I will not have 6 men in my life at long to fulfill my other missing parts. I LOVE ONE MAN AT A TIME.” Akothee concluded.

Akothee is currently dating Mr. Schweizer who she has assigned a Luo nickname of Omondi (Omosh in short).

She has been sharing some of the best moments of her life with her followers on social media, celebrating love with Omosh.