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Alien Skin Reportedly Denied Both UK & Canada Visa

Alien Skin performing at an event

News reaching our desk reveals that Fangone Forest boss and singer Patrick Mulwana, known by his stage name Alien Skin, who was supposed to fly out of the country with scheduled performances in both the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada for musical performances this weekend was denied entry Visas.

We have been told that he was denied the visa because of many issues and his conduct is the main reason he won’t be leaving the Pearl of Africa.

Based on the reports making rounds, Alien Skin was stopped from going to the UK and Canada due to his recent assault scandal in which he was accused of slapping and disrespecting a female media personality identified as Evelyn Masika a.k.a Evelyn M!C a few weeks ago during the Gaxaly FM Zzina Fest event that went down at Forest Park In Buloba.

Ever since the allegations came to the public domain, Evelyn M!C has been seeking justice and asked NGOs to intervene in her matter so that she gets justice for having been insulted and ashamed by a musician who considers himself unruly.

Media personality Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has also been vocal and pivotal in assisting Evelyn M!C in seeking justice as he has on several occasions taken to his social media handles to task Police to come up with a final report that summons the “Sitya Danger” singer for investigations. However, no serious action has been taken so far.

Alien Skin thought that he was famous but I don’t think he is going to make it to the UK and Canada. His Visa was denied because of his violence and beating up people,”– a source revealed.

For starters, Alien Skin rose to fame early in 2023 when the public got to learn of his two bangers titled “Emboozi Yenkoola” and “Tonkaka”. He, later on, dropped another banger titled “Sitya Danger” that openly ushered him into the Ugandan world of showbiz.

As his jam dominated the airwaves with massive airplay, Alien Skin’s name found itself in bad and violent books of artists with soiled names and images in the entertainment circle when he and his gang assaulted a bouncer at Vox club in Makidney when they beat him up to the extent of dislocating his jaw and almost lost his teeth.

A few months later, to be exact, it was the month of June with one week left to Pallaso’s concert, Alien Skin got involved in a bitter clash with the Team Good Music singer and a video clip circulated online showing Pallaso slapping him and he thus gained the public attention and sympathy.

In that particular week, Abtex Promotions immediately organized a concert that clashed with Pallaso’s on the same day. A quick press conference was held and the vibe was so high when fans and well-wishers rallied behind Alien Skin to have a successful show.

Without a doubt, Alien Skin’s show that was dubbed ” Sitya Danger” concert sold out massively, setting a record that had never happened before in Ugandan showbiz.

The concert that was organized in less than a week saw Freedom City Hall filled as concertgoers were blocked from accessing the venue as early as 3:00 PM because the venue was full.

The revelers turned out to break the venue’s main gate and stormed the building but were only controlled by the heavily deployed security personnel and bouncers who controlled the venue had several items vandalized and property stolen.

By 7 PM, the organizers installed large screens on the building so that the revelers could watch Alien Skin perform live on stage. The show has since remained to be Alien’s huggest success in showbiz since it is hardly expected that there will be any other musician who would break his record.

From that moment, Alien Skin and Abtex agreed to hold an event dubbed as Nkwacho festival, however, the two parties fell out and disagreed on the payment issues as Alien demanded that he organize the show with Abtex so that they could share the profits equally something that didn’t sit well with Abtex.

When they failed to agree, he proposed that Abtex pay him Shs100m but the latter declined and thus a bitter exchange of words ensued between the two camps as they traded insults online for some good time.

Since the entertainment industry is not for the faint-hearted, Alien Skin and Abtex reconnected again this very year and are now great friends having settled their differences amicably despite the failed agreement of organizing the “Nkwacho Festival”.

Before the end of 2023, Alien Skin, together in conjunction with promoter Juma Balunywa, organized the “Nkwacho Festival” at Wankulukuku stadium on the 31st of December that somehow performed pretty fairly as they managed to get a turn up that favored his success.

Alien Skin had been pitted against the annual “Nkuuka Festival” organized by Abtex Promotions and it was a great time to witness the showbiz.

More details will follow soon concerning Alien Skin being denied an entry visa to the UK and Canada!