Home News Ava Peace confirms she is single, outlines requirements for ideal husband

Ava Peace confirms she is single, outlines requirements for ideal husband


Singer Ava Peace, born Namugonza Maureen Peace, has clarified her relationship status, stating that she is single and only close friends with Mudra.

She opened up about her relationship status to clarify the swirling allegations suggesting she was an item with Mudra.

She revealed the qualities she seeks in her ideal husband, including being God-fearing, smart, hardworking, tall, financially stable, and rich.

“I am single, but the qualities I expect in a man include being God-fearing, smart, hardworking, and tall and rich just like I say in my song ‘Twagala Sente.’’, Ava PEACE

Singer Ava Peace Namugonza looking so hot and fly
Ava Peace

She also went ahead and advised women in toxic relationships to quit the toxic affair and start a new life.

“The advice I hold for all women out there is this: if you are violated in any way, take a moment to consider the life that can be had after the one you’re living. I urge you to leave that home and start anew as a woman.”

Currently, she is being managed by Jeff Kiwa, eyes leaving a mark on the Ugandan showbiz.

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She has also been rumored to be dating fellow singer Vyroota in a low-key style since the two have been spotted together after a long while.

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We are yet to be certain whether the rumors are true or false but a short clip made rounds online as Ava Peace pecked Vyroota on his cheek which further stirred mixed reactions of a supposed relationship between the two artists.

She has several songs to her name that have helped her stamp her name on the music scene this year which include; Dada, Romantic, True Love, Mukwano Arcade, Oluseke, and Kukyakala Na Kubwa among many others.

She is gearing toward dropping new tunes very soon that are believed to be bangers that she is cooking in the studio under her new manager Jeff Kiwa.