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Meet Gospel Singer and Preacher Minister Michael Norman


Uganda usually receives international public figures who jet in and leave in silence with a handful of people getting to know them.

Recently, American gospel singer and preacher Minister Michael Norman was in the Pearl of Africa doing a survey and carrying out a few projects.

On leaving the nation, he promised that he would be returning to continue with the projects and work that he wanted to establish not only in Uganda but across the African continent.


He looks forward to helping the underprivileged and setting up schools among many other ways in which he can help people who are struggling to meet a few basic needs.

In his early life, Minister Michael Norman lived a highly sinful life, and to him, that was the norm of the day as he would depend on alcohol and drugs until his prayers were answered by The Most High.

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The Word was not always the way…as they say, for Minister Michael Norman.

As we have been steered in a direction that is not truly meant for us in life; Michael Norman was no different as he walked a road that was taking him in a perilous direction….until his prayers were answered by The Most High.


This was in July 1997 when he decided to call unto God to come and save him from darkness and ever since then, he has never turned back.

God came to Michael, held and kept him- liberating him of his afflictions. He set Michael on a new path and directed him to
Charlotte, North Carolina, where he would begin a new journey.

While in Charlotte, Michael stayed at the men’s shelter until God decided to move him to a recovery house.

Minister Michael Norman’s passion for outreach and helping others continued to flourish and he teamed up with other area ministers traveling to donate their time, resources, and the word to people in need. Using himself and his calling to help spread God’s word.

Michael’s talents became a tool to deliver a message of inspiration and hope through “Spoken Rap”.

Check out the YouTube link below and listen to how Minister Michael Norman is flawless in his art of spreading the gospel.