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Carol Nantongo Reveals She Battled Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Carol Nantongo

Singer Carol Nantongo revealed that she struggled with depression and contemplated suicide during a stressful situation.

She further noted that the situation happened not so long ago and found herself unable to eat, sleep, lacked joy, and happiness within herself for quite a good period.  She went on to note that personally fears hurting people and gets disturbed when she feels she has hurt someone.

I can’t talk deeply about what took me into depression but have ever been in that situation. One thing that I have in my life, is that I fear hurting people, and whenever I feel like I’ve hurt someone, I get disturbed to the extent that I can fail to get sleep, eat, and have joy and peace within me.

I always try to look for ways of how I can get that issue solved and settled amicably and that is known by all the people who are very close to me. The depression situation that I was in was not so long ago and it hurts most when the issue that took you to depression is not true and whereby one cannot come out and defend themselves but only suffer silently.

During that situation, I reached a moment when I thought about committing suicide and my manager Sera can confirm that to you all”, Carol Nantongo.

With the support of her family and her little sister, she was able to overcome the depression through prayer and fasting.

She fasted before the Ramadhan period started until it ended and by clinging to prayer, she overcame depression and suicidal thoughts.

Carol Nantongo now feels stronger and more determined to face any challenges in life.