Home News Comedian Reign Omusoyisoyi shares harrowing story of near-lynching after false rape accusation

Comedian Reign Omusoyisoyi shares harrowing story of near-lynching after false rape accusation

Reign Omusoyisoyi

Renowned stand-up comedian Obed Lubega, also known as Reign Omusoyisoyi, shared a harrowing story of his life, explaining how he narrowly escaped lynching after being falsely accused of rape.

The incident occurred when his colleague, teacher Joab, was accused of having raped their landlord’s daughter and in the process, Reign was arrested as a suspect.

It all stemmed from teacher Joab being too friendly with students unlike Reign and they would often visit his home. One day, the landlord’s daughter who was in Primary six entered his house. 

On wanting to send her out, teacher Joab peeped through the window and saw her elder soldier brother outside and in the process, he shut the door and left the girl inside. On leaving, he passed by Reign’s home and asked him to have a stroll with him but declined saying he had a visitor he was expecting. 

The landlord’s family members gathered themselves and rushed to report the matter to the school director who was a Born-Again, and rushed to where teacher Joab was staying. On reaching his home, they knocked and no one was opening for them. They then decided to break through and found the girl lying under the bed.

When Reign got done with doing his stuff at school, at around 7:30 PM Reign returned to his home, just on arrival, he was arrested because the landlord’s family had seen teacher Joab passing by his home, and put him in a taxi that was heading to Nateete. While in the taxi, the individuals who had arrested him told the passengers how he had raped a school-going pupil and immediately, the passengers started beating him up. 

Reaching the Nateete traffic lights, the guys who had arrested him contemplated throwing him out of the taxi and accuse him of being a thief. In the process, some did not come to terms with the opinion as one wanted Reign to be taken to police and fortunately, he was taken to the Police. 

He adds that on reaching the Police, he heard one of the guys who had arrested him, eavesdropping warning in his ears to never date other people’s girlfriends and had to sleep at the station cells. 

Having reached the station, they received a phone call that alerted them how the people they had left on the ground had arrested teacher Joab and had to rush to arrest him as well and had to face legal action. 

Reign was fortunate that he was released on a Police bond of Shs200k the following morning and later returned to school to teach. While at school he was tipped that the girl was bragging about her fellow students how she is high-end and that she would get teachers imprisoned for hitting on her. 

Reign adds that he even heard other people in the trading center saying he had been imprisoned for a weak reason stating how the girl had slept with several men. The unlucky teacher Joab got imprisoned after Police carried out tests on the girl the following day and gave a report saying the girl had been torn while in the act of sex. 

To date, teacher Joab is still serving his punishment since he was imprisoned for rape and defilement of a minor.