Home Gossip Cindy Sanyu suggests Weasel Is Struggling With Spiritual Challenges

Cindy Sanyu suggests Weasel Is Struggling With Spiritual Challenges

cindy sanyu

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu says singer Weasel is struggling not only financially but spiritually. She said the singer needs prayers and support from fans and people around him to keep on the right track.

Weasel hasn’t been the same ever since his singing partner Mowzey Radio died. He looks like he is very sick as he has lost weight.

Weeks ago, he went to visit Alien Skin and he was recorded on video. He looked like he wasn’t mentally okay and fans were very angry for someone to release such a video of him.

According to Cindy Sanyu, she has had an opportunity to talk to Weasel and it is very clear that he needs help. She said people should stop accusing him of the wrong things and help him.

“Singer Weasel is not doing so well spiritually. He needs help and prayers from people. Everyone knows that it has been hard on him ever since Mowzey Radio died. Instead of people abusing him on social media, they just need to encourage him to do so much better,”

It should be noted that Weasel’s brother Pallaso had also said that he is not doing so well. He had asked fans and supporters to support him and pray for him. It is not clear if he has ever been in a rehabilitation center or if he has ever seen a psychiatrist.

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