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Lil Pazo Hints At Staging “Enkudi Festival” Before End of The Year

Lil Pazo Lunabe

Renowned singer Yasin Mukasa alias Lil Pazo Lunabe has shared plans to hold his debut concert before the end of the year.

Since he is having one of the trending songs dubbed “Enkudi”, the singer looks forward to staging a show dubbed “Enkudi Festival”. Derived from one of the catchy lines in his song that goes like “Yasuze Azina”, he wants fans to go practical.

Speaking out in an interview with a local television station, Lil Pazo revealed he is in talks with different promoters to stage a festival in celebration of the success of his song “Enkudi.”

Lil Pazo has yet to decide the venue and date when the concert should go down as he is still contemplating on what would be his favorite destination to have the show held.

“I will be staging the Nkudi Festival this year. The song needs a celebration and I am in talks with different promoters to see it through. I want a venue with a forest-like resemblance, and I will do whatever it takes to make the festival a success as well,” Pazzo stated.

Lil Pazzo also revealed he is now going to concentrate on releasing songs similar to “Nkudi” because they are marketable in Uganda and bring in significant revenue.

He bragged about how his bookings have risen recently compared to the past years when he used to sing about sensible matters that affect the nation.

He reasoned that people abuse and insult Gravity Omutujju but in reality when the government wants to book artists, they book the likes of Gravity whose music many consider vulgar, and at the end of the day, he smiles at the bank.
Lil Pazo also boasted about how he often blesses his mom with Shs500k monthly lately compared to the days when he would give her Shs300k and below.