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Dr. T Amale claims King Saha is mad, urges those close to help him

King Saha boss of Kings Love Empire

Controversial content creator Innocent Kafeero Tobby, a.k.a. Dr. T Amale, has expressed concern about the mental health of Kings Love Empire boss King Saha, a Ugandan singer known for his heart-melting songs and soon-to-be-released revolutionary album.

The former Radio Simba and BBS Telefayina presenter says King Saha is crazy and adds that this is not the first time he has run mad. 

He claims that Ugandans are funny people noting how they pretend to love you when you’re doing what they want in a condition that seems unstable and has since urged those close to him to assist him. 

“King Saha is mentally unstable. Ugandans are funny people; they pretend to be showing you love and praising you, yet they plot for your downfall. King Saha needs assistance, he looks to be singing about the revolution but he is crazy”, Dr. T Amale

Dr. T Amale further claims that Saha and other artists such as Ziza Bafana, Fik Fameica, and Sheebah Kalurungi are on the verge of running crazy due to their use of toxic substances.

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He also noted that Saha has lost weight since he began his music career, which he attributes to his excessive use of weed.

“The artists who are on the verge of going crazy are those artists who chill at Kibaata including Bafana, Fik Fameica, and Sheebah among others who puff toxic substances. Saha is mad and it is not his first time to run mad. He has a good tone, pretends to sing beside a burning fire, and doesn’t shower. He is not fine and people are laughing because that is what people want and love.

People love individuals who are in a similar condition to that of Weasel. Saha has changed in terms of looks because he is not the same as Saha who had weight when he had just started singing. He has grown thin because he puffs a lot of weed”, Dr. T Amale 

He also stung singer Jose Chameleone about his looks and called upon his mother Mrs. Prossy Mayanja to take good care of him before things get out of hand as he bashed his close buddy JB who he always moves out with.