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Lil Pazo: Ugandan music industry stagnated due to lack of support and delayed copyright bill

Lil Pazo Lunabe

Ugandan singer Yasin Mukasa, known by the stage name Lil Pazo Lunabe, has criticized the Ugandan music industry for its lack of progress since he rose to fame in 2015.

He believes that the industry has stagnated due to a lack of support and wishing well among artists, as well as the government’s delay in implementing the copyright bill.

Lil Pazo argues that the industry has reached its end and that the up-and-coming talent will not benefit from it unless something is done to fix the issues.

The Ugandan music industry has nowhere it is going. It is not either going high or going down. it is just there, simply, it stagnated. One of the reasons I say so is because wishing well for each other in the music industry is quite hard and very low.

Here we don’t support one another like how the Nigerians do. Ugandan music is similar to an electricity pole because it has where it starts from and ends, which is exactly the Ugandan industry that stopped. Even the rising artists won’t go far because even the government has delayed passing the Copyright bil“, Lil Pazo.

The “Enkudi” singer went on to reason that the Ugandan government’s deliberate delay in implementing the copyright bill is a sign that the industry stagnated and something needs to be done for the up-rising talent to benefit from it in the future which he is optimistic that it can be achieved.