Home Gossip Mudra’s new artist Winnie Wa Mummy faces TikTok reporting battles

Mudra’s new artist Winnie Wa Mummy faces TikTok reporting battles

Mudra and Winnie Wa Mummy in happy moods

Dancehall singer Mudra D’Viral has revealed that his new artist, Nakafeero Winnie alias Winnie Wa Mummy, is facing challenges after losing her TikTok page.

The “Gwe Amanyi” singer disclosed that his artists TikTok page is facing bans following the increasing report claims that people have submitted to the Apps techinical team.

Besides the report claims, Mudra has since urged people to support Winnie Wa Mummy positively so that she could as well change her fate and family.

Mudra went on to reveal that he is planning a concert in August but his is not the first time he has announced a concert, something he did last year but did not materialize.

“I have a concert, Inshallah, scheduled for the eighth month, and I’m urging people to support Winnie wa Mummy. She’s facing challenges as people are reporting her, and she lost her TikTok page”- Mudra, artist

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Winnie Wa Mummy is the new artists that is reportedly said to have replaced Ava Peace when she ditched Mudra’s DCM Empire that brought her to the limelight and joined forces to work with Jeff Kiwa.

Ava Peace and Vian Music are the artists who have ditched Mudra’s label in a space of just few months with the former not giving a clear reason as the later.

For Vian Music, he claimed Mudra was not showing concern about him as he normally focused on Ava Peace and when Winnie Wa Mummy came through, it was the same story and hence decided to quit.