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PHOTOS| Chairman Fred Nyanzi Weds Majorine Namukisa In A Colorful Ceremony


At last, National Unity Platform (NUP) chief mobilizer Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu, commonly known as Chairman Nyanzi, tied the knot with his long-term lover Majorine Namukisa Katumba in a holy matrimony.

The colorful ceremony is a celebration of love between the two lovers following the fact that they have spent 23 years together. The couple is also blessed with 11 children.

The wedding ceremony initially had to happen in March 2020 but it faced uncertainties when the COVID-19 Pandemic happened and the President Yoweri Katuguta Museveni declared a lockdown with just two days left to the function in a way to curb the spread of the pandemic.

Chairman Nyanzi and his wife then decided to postpone the function to a later day even when they had finished holding a colorful Introduction (Kukyala) ceremony where Majorine introduced her husband to her parents in Kyankwanzi district.

Chairman Nyanzi ties knot with long-term wife Majorine

The couple chose a later date because they felt like they would have cheated their colleagues had they held the function during the pandemic season with a limited number of guests.

The pairs union has been conducted at Rubaga Cathedral Church where they took their vows and promised to stick with each other through any situation that they might face in life.

The reception is set to take place at Freedom City Hall along Entebbe Road.

However, Chairman Nyanzi had decided not to go on honeymoon suggesting that he is too busy with his political party duties something his wife admitted to. Meanwhile, in church, he was advised to spend quality time with his family always because it must be his priority going forward.

The wife was confident that the honeymoon would come later in the future provided God grants them good health.

During the wedding ceremony, Bobi Wine gave a speech in which he disclosed that their great grandfather also wedded from the same Church in the 1940s and also their late dad, J.W Ssentamu in the 1970s, Bobi Wine in 2011, and now Chairman Nyanzi also wedded in the same church in 2024.

Take a look at the photos of Chairman Nyanzi’s wedding.