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Daniella Atim Starts ‘Diary of a Retired Wife’ YouTube Channel

Daniella Atim sipping a on a glas of wine

Daniella Atim rolled out a YouTube channel through which she will talk about the good and bad things that happened during the time she was dating and married to Jose Chameleone up to the point of separation.

Atim and the Bayuda hitmaker were married for 16 years.

She named the channel Diary of a Retired Wife.

In a video introducing the channel, Daniella Atim said she’s going to share her experiences so that women can learn from them and get empowered.

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She said current cultural programming stops women from speaking against men, even those who are related to them.

She said she wants to provide a platform to confront issues that are regarded as taboo.

She said she’ll share experiences from 16 years of marriage with singer Jose Chameleone with whom they share five children.

She believes what happened to her happens to many women who don’t have a voice. “We are not leaving anything out,” she said.

She said she would talk about everything, from how she met her husband to the end.

Taking to Instagram in March, Daniella Atim said she had been in the U.S. for five years, citing domestic violence as the main cause of the end of her marriage with the Champion hitmaker.

In the aforementioned post, she looked back at the harrowing experiences of her marriage that ultimately drove her away from the father of her children.

In an Instagram status, Atim revealed how she had endured a 16-year ordeal with domestic violence.

Now living in Minnesota with all her children, Atim talked of her struggles as a single mother and her quest for a safer, happier, and more fulfilling life.