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Singer Flona Reveals When She Broke Down After Being Dumped By Boyfriend At Campus

Singer Flona former crk planet singer

Former CRK Planet record label singer Florence Nankinga alias Flona is one of the female musicians who has so far been unlucky when it comes to relationship affairs.

Popularly known for her song “Kakigambe”, the singer has been in different relationships that did not end well as on all occasions she ended up being dumped by the partners she had opened up her heart to.

There are two relationships she recalls in her life that got her down on her knees and tore her heart into pieces. One was when she was still at the University and in this particular, she had two guys she was dating. One was her coursemate whereas the other was a guy who was out of the country.

The dude out of the country would send her upkeep of about USD200 every month and she would share it with her lover when it came to doing coursework and footing some other needs.

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Little did she know that the guy was cheating on him with another babe, and when she got to know she befriended the babe her guy was dating. They held conversations and became friends.

One day, Flona makes a deal with the babe and invites her to her hostel and the dude. The babe decides to take cover and when the dude entered, Flona and the guy kissed and hugged but when he saw the other babe, everything took a pause.

Immediately, Flona asked the guy to choose between her or the other babe. The guy majestically held the other babe’s hand and left Flona on the floor shedding tears as she pleaded forgiveness and that is how the relationship ended.