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Tearful Jackie Chandiru Reveals She Stopped Trying To Conceive

Jackie Chandiru

In an interview on The Deep Talk with Mr. Henrie on Galaxy TV, former Blu*3 member Jackie Chandiru bravely shared her journey and challenges with motherhood.

During the interview, Jackie was asked why she doesn’t have children at the moment and whether it was a personal choice due to her line of work. This question triggered her emotions and she shed tears.

With teary eyes, Jackie Chandiru revealed that she has tried several times to conceive but has faced difficulties. She further stated that it is all in God’s hands and timing. Unfortunately, people often assume that she simply doesn’t want to have children, not realizing the challenges she has faced in her journey.

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She also addressed a previous incident when she became pregnant, causing her skin to lighten. This led to false accusations of bleaching.

Due to her busy schedule and lack of awareness, she didn’t realize she was pregnant and continued to work tirelessly, ultimately resulting in the loss of her baby.

Most people who ask that particular painful question make it seem like I just don’t want to have children. I would love to, and I have tried countless times, but unfortunately, it is not yet God’s timing.

She is one of the musicians who have struggled with different difficulties but has managed to overcome the challenges that were aimed at ending her career. She is still steadily recovering and in the process she has tried so much to show support and love to rising artists.


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