Home News Fik Fameica accused of snubbing show, revelers destroy property in Kigumba

Fik Fameica accused of snubbing show, revelers destroy property in Kigumba

Fik Fameica performing at an event

King Kong Entertainment boss Shafiq Walukagga, known by the stage name Fik Fameica, is facing legal action after reports surfaced that he snubbed a show and revelers vandalized property at the Sevemore Hotel in Kigumba, Masindi.

The rapper is accused of switching off his phone contacts and failing to show up for two shows despite receiving a partial payment. He is said to have received Shs6m as the deposit of the Shs12m he had agreed on with the event organizer. 

When the “Kutama” fame singer failed to show face, Fik Gaza and Jovi Kayla were contacted to fill the void and showed up with full force and energy thrilling the revelers but still, their presence wasn’t enough to calm down the rowdy revelers, who broke plastic chairs and beer bottles.

When the organizer made several attempts to reach Fik Fameica, he reportedly told him how he had gotten involved in an accident, an excuse that the organizer did not buy saying he was instead fooling him. 

The event organizer has reportedly filed a case at the K’dongo Police station and is seeking Ugx50m in compensation for everything that was destroyed to foot the loss he encountered. 

This is not the first time an artist has plunged an event organizer into losses as it should be recalled that in 2023, Alien Skin found himself a victim of such scenarios whenever he missed shows that he had been booked to perform at the time he was at his peak. 

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