Home News Abed Bwanika, Mpuuga ban NUP’s “Red overalls” in Masaka

Abed Bwanika, Mpuuga ban NUP’s “Red overalls” in Masaka

Bobi x NUP on Kamuli tour country wide

Former Leader of Opposition in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga will soon announce his “next step” after his ties with the opposition National Unity Platform” yesterday appeared to hit another low.

The Nyendo-Mukungwe MP told a group of supporters in Masaka that he will be embarking on a consultative tour of the region to seek the opinions of his voters, after which he will announce his next move.

I am going to come to you village by village, you shall ask me questions, we shall discuss and then I will tell you my next course of action,” he said.

Mpuuga made the remarks hours after coming from the funeral of Pasikali Ssekasamba, a member of the NUP and respected businessman who succumbed to a heat condition in London last month.

During the burial, ugly scenes played about as NUP president Bobi Wine exchanged barbed words with Kimanya-Kabonera Member of Parliament, Hon Abed Bwanika.

Bobi Wine in his remarks, attacked Mpuuga, accusing him of being bribed by President Museveni.

Bobi Wine also said he was tired of guiding adult people in his party while at the same time fighting against President Museveni.

It is unfortunate that I am the one who has to correct these elders. I have a challenge that whenever I am fighting the enemy I have to use one hand, while the other hand is fighting my people who are holding me back from fighting the enemy.

Mpuuga, who did not get a chance to speak at the funeral, could be seen waving his finger and shaking his head in disagreement with Bobi Wine’s comments.

Shortly after the burial, Mpuuga and Bwanika met a small group of supporters and they announced the upcoming consultative meeting.

In the meantime, Bwanika declared Mpuuga as “our leader” and called upon the people of Masaka to disassociate with the mainstream NUP party, including its regalia.

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Those overalls of theirs, you should not put them on again, they are meant to be worn with pampers,” he said

“Here in Masaka, we are banning (NUP) overalls. We shall show you the right clothes to wear during our meeting on 21st May.”

On his part, Mpuuga questions Bobi Wine’s true allegiance, given that he does not seem interested in reconciling with his party members.

He also declared him as “ as your lead fighter,” and vowed not to be “shaken by whatever is taking place.”

Nobody brought us into this fight. Those who are trying to eat food from this fight, we are the ones who taught them what to do,” he added.