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MC Ollo bashed for bragging about sleeping on Bebe Cool’s Daughter Beata Ssali‘s Bed at Gayaza High

MC Ollo a.k.a Odong Stanly

Media personality and school events host, MC Ollo has been on the receiving end of insults from a section of individuals after he claimed to have slept on singer Bebe Cool’s daughter Beeta Ssali’s bed at Gayaza High.

MC Ollo, born Odong Stanley, made the braggart comments after he paid a visit to Gayaza High for the National Schools Championship boot camp, and apologized for his reckless statements.

Through his social media platforms, the NTV TNation host, MC Ollo issued an apology for his recent joke which many didn’t perceive so funny.

It all started when MC Ollo took to his X handle, and tweeted that during the event at the school, he looked for the cubicle (dormitory) where singer Bebe Cool’s daughter sleeps and that’s where he slept.

This was taken in a very bitter way hence forcing him to come out and issue a lengthy apology.

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The apology was put out just after he deleted the post.

“I want to sincerely apologize for my recent post regarding my time at Gayaza High School during the National Schools Championship Bootcamp by Stanbic Bank. Regrettably, my words have been misconstrued, causing harm and discomfort. I deeply regret my poor choice of words and the unintended consequences of my actions.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that I have a long history of working with children, always prioritizing their safety and well-being. My involvement in the Bootcamp was solely aimed at hosting and fostering a positive, energized, and supportive environment for the participants.

My background can testify; Head Teachers, Directors, Teachers, and all individuals who have worked with me know how much I value, respect, and inspire these young ones.

To clarify further, I stayed in the dormitory of a girls’ school because it was the venue for the Bootcamp of the National Schools Championship. It’s a single school, so there’s no boys’ end, My presence there was solely to host the competition, and everyone was assigned a particular bed and as the host, I couldn’t commute so I also stayed for those days. It was all part of the official arrangements, and there was nothing inappropriate about it. Any insinuation otherwise is unfounded and misinformed.

Well, In the heat of the moment, I mistakenly tagged Stanbic Bank and the National Schools Championship in my post, not realizing the potential damage this could cause to their reputation. I want to make it unequivocally clear that my sentiments do not align with any negative connotations associated with the organizations. Both Stanbic Bank and the National Schools Championship are committed to creating safe, inclusive, and empowering spaces for young people to thrive.



I acknowledge that my words may have been taken out of context, leading to misunderstanding and distress. I deeply regret any confusion or discomfort my post may have caused to the students, parents, and staff at Gayaza High School, Stanbic Bank, and all involved in the National Schools Championship.

I am fully committed to learning and still learning, from this experience and ensuring that I exercise greater caution in my communications in the future.

I apologize wholeheartedly for any distress my post may have caused and thank you for holding me accountable.

MC Ollo
(Kodi Pa Lwech)

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