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Lucky Mbabazi beaming with joy after featuring in Arsenal’s end of season viral clip

Lucky Mbabazi

The ever-smiling media personality Lucky Mbabazi is delighted to be featured in a viral video highlighting key moments of Arsenal Football Club players and fans in the end-of-season clip.

In the video, which is two minutes and nine seconds long, Mbabazi appears for a second while dancing in the studio of Capital FM.

Her clip starts at one minute and thirty-seven seconds. The video, which was posted on X by Arsenal, has 2 million views so far.

The radio personality reposted the video and captioned it: “Look at me featuring in the @Arsenal video”.

Lucky Mbabazi has become the first celebrated Ugandan media personality to feature in a high-profile football club video something which is no mean feat to achieve.

We are certain that she was also surprised to see herself featured in the clip since she did not know that

She explained: “Because you know, Crystal, in this industry, today, numbers, numbers, everywhere you go; how many followers does she have? It’s crazy, like, it’s become a thing“So, for you to get the show to be followed, for personalities to grow, we had to come up with something that is us… and we were like, you know what, we gonna be dancing, and that has created more numbers and the personalities.”Advised Lucky Mbabazi: “And I think it’s very important for people in the industry now to grow their brands in different ways. You don’t have to do what Lucky does… you gotta be something more.”

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