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Hellen Lukoma explains why she has not yet held a concert

Hellen Lukoma performing at an event

In 2022 while appearing in an interview, singer Hellen Lukoma disclosed that she is not yet ready to hold a concert for the years she has been active in the music industry.

She explained that she wants to first finish having kids and then prepare herself to hold one adding that her music catalog is still small

“As Hellen, I’m preparing myself,” Lukoma said in 2022. “I’m working, giving you content so that when I ever tell you, you’ll rise without a doubt.”

She got married to her former manager Anwar Kaka in 2019, and they have two children together.

Her music journey started with singing in school and church.

But professionally, it was with Obsessions, the singing and dance group that once had the likes of Daisy Muber, Fatuma Gulam, Mya Bagenda, Brenda Nambi, Jackie Tusiime, and Sharon Salmon.

Sheebah Karungi, Natasha Sinayobye, Cleopatra Koheirwe, and Ronnie Mulindwa also began their entertainment careers here.

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At Obsessions, Hellen Lukoma sang, danced, and acted.

It was during her time at Obsessions that the song ‘Jangu’ was released.

She would later leave the group with Brenda Nambi to form HBO Toxic, under which they were supported by Ali Alibhai, the Talent Africa founder.

She is also an actress, and when The Hostel TV series was commissioned in 2011, she landed a gig and took a break from singing.

Nambi also decided to start a fashion business.

The Hostel, which ran for four seasons and ended in 2015, was created by Moses Sabiiti and Emanuel Egwel.

Actors in the series included Hellen Lukoma, Daniel Omara, Richard Tuwangye, Taryn Kyaze, Michael Wawuyo Jr., Housen Mushema, Benon Mumba, and Melissa Kayesu.

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