Home Gossip Anita Fabiola dispels thunderous break-up rumors with husband Mark Ronald

Anita Fabiola dispels thunderous break-up rumors with husband Mark Ronald

Anita Fabiola x Mark Ronald Mubiru

Renowned city socialite and seasoned media personality Anita Kyalimpa Fabiola has addressed rumors speculating that she and the love of her life Mark Ronald Mubiru are on the verge of a thunderous breakup.

Shas set the record straight by noting that the posts that are speculating about their break up were jokes which they posted just to spice up their relationship and get the nation talking.

This was after Fabiola commented on a comment on Exclusive Instagram post responding to rumors of being dumped after Mark Ronald had posted a video on his Instagram story  criticizing women with names starting with the letter “A” and ending with an “ah” sound, including his wife.

The caption on the video sparked speculation about their relationship status. However, Anita Fabiola while responding to our Instagram post, dismissed them as false and unfounded.

Fabiola Anita

She commented that:

“Stop it. You have no sense of humor? I was on my husband’s lap, we saw the video together and laughed and he shared it to his story…with me right there and we both laughed. So there’s no story here.”- she said.

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Fabiola also questioned the lack of humor in critics, revealing that she and her husband watched the video together, shared a laugh, and then he posted it on his Instagram story.

Fabiola and Mark have been together for more than 5 years and the couple is legally married though with no kids yet.