Home News Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka remanded to Luzira Prision for torturing 15 year old

Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka remanded to Luzira Prision for torturing 15 year old

Bishop Jacinto kibuuka remanded to Luzira Prison for beating 15 yer old
Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka

Namugongo Janda-based Mamre Prayer Centre leader, Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka is apparently behind coolers after being remanded to Luzira prison for severely beating and torturing a 15-year-old Otieno Kenneth Mukasa.

The renowned man of God was sentenced to Luzira after appearing in the Grade One Magistrates Court Judge Ivan Sseguya in Kiira on charges of torture.

He is accused with three others of inflicting severe pain on the altar boy who was accused of making off with Shs40,000.

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The boy explained that Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka held his head and arms between his legs and his other three colleagues did the beating as hard and as much as they could.

After pummeling the 15-year-old, he was driven off to his home and ordered to produce the money he had allegedly stolen.

The boy gave them Shs10k and they later returned to Church. Bishop Jacinto was however not allowed to give his plea since the judge ruled that he is only able to plea to a Judge of a higher level.

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He will return to court on the 30th for further hearing of his case and charges he committed against the 15-year-old


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He will be serving his punishment until the Court sets him free.