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Halimah Namakula advises female artists on dressing decently to gain fan base

Halima Namakula

Veteran musician and humanitarian activist Halimah Namakula has urged female artists to always dress well, stating that wearing skimpy outfits does not earn them popularity among fans as many think.

She emphasizes that someone can dress decently and still command a positive fan base without the need to turn up at events or shows while dressed in semi-naked outfits.

Namakula also advises rising stars to keep in mind that being a fan’s favorite doesn’t happen because someone dresses skimpily but it is a result of one’s hard work that they invest in their craft to elevate them to the top level.

“Amagezi ge mpa abayimbi gali nti, obwereere n’okwambala mu ngeri etasaana si kye kigenda okukufula omuganzi eri abantu, osobola okwambala mu ngeri ey’ekitibwa, n’oyimba omuziki omulungi n’obeera wamaanyi”, -Halimah Namakula

She is one of the musicians whom the current breed of artists look up to because she influenced music and is admired for the contribution she made in her heydays when she was still a prominent singer in the early 2000s. 

By that time, Halima Namakula had hit songs that included; Amba, Ssambagala Nsanyuke, Ekimbewo, Nenenyeza Nange Mukadde, and Kibuga among many others. 

As passed on the advice, it is remembered that last year during the weekly Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) Jam Session that happens every Tuesday her daughter Rachel K showed pantless and made headlines after photographers snapped her yoyo. 

She however defended her saying she had been incorporated by the Western culture since she spent much of her time staying in Europe.