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Henry Mwanje Regrets Getting Married Early

Henry Mwanje

Singer Henry Mwanje has revealed that he regrets ever deciding to get married. He said he questions its motive every day and what he was thinking when he decided to finally settle down with one woman in his life.

Most celebrities especially those in their 20s and 30s find it very difficult to settle down. Most of them have many children from different women. Those who try to settle down end up breaking up after a short time.

According to Mwanje, he is among the artists that wanted to settle down early and that is what he exactly did. However, it hasn’t been easy on his side with his woman.

The singer said he misses his independence of sleeping with any woman without feeling any guilt and pressure to explain to anyone what he has done.

He said he doesn’t understand why someone has to marry or get married. This is especially true if they can have whatever they want without engaging themselves in the marriage.

“I regret marrying this young for sure, it is very stressful and some ladies don’t know what they want. I have done everything but the woman doesn’t appreciate it. And I miss my days when I had the freedom to sleep with any lady I wanted without explaining it to anyone,” 

It should be noted that several singers, both male and female somehow have a negative view of marriage.

They have been in the industry for ages but do not want to settle down and have families. Maybe today’s marriages are just too expensive that they are not willing to spend.

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