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I Want To Marry Beata Ssali – Vyroota shoots shot toward Bebe Cool’s daughter

Vyroota performing at a show
Vyroota performing at a show

Fast-rising singer Vyroota openly expressed how he crushes on Bebe Cool’s daughter, Beata Ssali as he appeared in a TV interview.

The “Risk” fame singer expressed his interest in Bebe Cool’s daughter as he gave props to the Gagamel boss for recommending his 2023 music prowess when he included him on his annual end-of-year list.

In Vyroota’s submission, he asked Bebe Cool to either reward him with a vehicle or offer him his daughter for marriage.

Vyroota added that since he saw Bebe Cool’s daughter trying to do music, he expressed his willingness to mentor her to become a superstar soon.

Bebe Cool's daughter Beeta Ssali
Bebe Cool’s daughter Beeta Ssali

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“I want Uncle Bebe Cool to reward me with a vehicle or give me his daughter Beata. I have a crush on her, and I actually saw her trying out music. I would mentor her, and I am very ready to write songs for her,” he expressed in a BBS Terefayina interview.

Vyroota believes that Bebe Cool’s list would gain genuine respect if the winners were rewarded with tangible gifts.

The smooth voiced singer recently disclosed that he is a senior four school drop out and ever since he gained fame, he doesn’t see himself returning to school.